What people think of Caveland

This property is something entirely else – the architecture is so unique and different than anything else you’ll see in Santorini, or in your life for that matter. Caveland’s style is quite cave-like with thick walls, they really keep the  space cool and clean. The entire place is SO large, complete with a spacious kitchen/common room alongside an amazing pool.


Loved everything about this place. The staff was very helpful and friendly. They would give us tips on good places to see that would be away from the crowds. They really made you feel welcome. The breakfast was good and free

The vibe is great, chilled out, I will never forget the first afternoon when I just sat and drank tea with fellow travellers from all over the world – we were all waiting to check in but in no hurry, in true Island Life style. The decor of the hostel and rooms is lovely and true to the theme; the pool is nice; 7 min walk from the bus stop; 20 min walk to Fira; at least three 24hr bakeries in the vicinity.

The coolest hostel I’ve stayed in so far, the most chilled out vibe ever…free breakfast and a swimming pool. Awesome place, highly recommend.


Or call Caveland reception at +30 22860 22122