What makes every holiday special are the people you meet and the memories you create. We are here to help you to meet other travellers! Are you travelling alone or with a group of friends? You can always enjoy a night out at the dinner or a quiet night in with a movie. Hence this will be just a start to your active holiday in Santorini.

Organised dinners

Join our Caveland family for a typical Greek dinner. Twice a week we head to a local tavern and taste Santorini specialties. Of course we try typical fava puree, cherry tomatoes, white eggplants and moussaka, too. We wash down the meal with a local wine and also a shot of raki. Furthermore the dinner is suitable for vegetarians, too. Finally you can read more about our favourite Greek tavernΒ on TripAdvisor.

Movie nights

Join us every evening for a movie. We play the movie at our communal space at the reception. The start is around 8.30am. In addition a can of beer or a glass of wine are available for purchase at the reception.