To minimise the handling of the documents, your check in can be done online. Keep your eyes open for an email with instructions from us.


We will charge your card 24 hours in advance. If the payment does not go through, you will receive an email from us. In that case please have the exact amount of cash ready on arrival. All the guests need to have ready the refundable 10€ cash deposit. Again please have the exact amount with you.


Antiseptic dispensers are for use in many places: at the reception, at the pool area, at the breakfast yard, and before the rooftop terrace. Sanitized room keys will be handed to you. Communal spaces and rooms are steam-cleaned on daily basis. 

Social distancing

Following the official guidelines and recommendations our furniture (outdoors and indoors) has been placed within safe distances. We will appreciate if you do not move them. No more than five people in communal indoor areas. No more than six people at once inside the swimming pool.

Our rooms

The number of beds per room has been reduced to 60% of the original room capacity allowing 24 hours sanitising time between check-ins. Please stick to your assigned bed. Rooms and bathrooms are cleaned daily. 

Kitchen and food

The kitchen is not available for personal cooking. However there is a fridge in each bedroom that can be used, every arrival is assigned one shelf in the fridge, just follow the advice of our staff. Every private ensuite room has its now kitchen. You can purchase snacks and drinks on grab and go principle. Ask our reception about a wide range of food delivery options. Breakfast is served in portions.

Our pool

No more than six people at once are allowed inside the swimming pool. Please use the assigned loungers and follow the advice of our staff. Towels are available to rent, however, guests are advised to use their own as much as possible. 


We have released a special edition of reusable Caveland face masks. They are for sale at the reception. By buying one of our masks you are helping us to sustain our hostel in these challenging times.


These hygiene measures have been instilled to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone. We appreciate your committed custom and anticipate your arrival. Despite the adaptations, we hope you will have a wonderful adventure in Santorini!